Correcting High Cholesterol

Why not everyone thinks “high Cholesterol” is high…

Cholesterol is essential to your health. Every cell in your body needs it to make vitamin D, to make cell membranes, for making hormones including estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, more… Cholesterol-derived hormones maintain calcium levels to build strong bones and muscles, keep our blood sugar levels balanced, and help manage stress. So why the bad rap?

Is cholesterol above 180 mg/dL really a problem? Is that even the right target?

triglycerides, high cholesterol, heart health, high triglycerides, nutrition, HDL, LDL cholesterolOnly when your body doesn’t get the cholesterol it needs from your diet, OR due to many possible health issues, your body may make excessive amounts of some cholesterol types and not enough of others. But total blood cholesterol measures do not provide a complete picture. To say a person’s cholesterol is “high” ignores the wide body of science that suggests higher levels protect us from early aging, from Alzheimers, and improve cardiac health: I should say that again heart disease isn’t determined by high total cholesterol.

Bone Broth Benefits: Joints, Hair & Skin, Detox…

It’s nothing new, Grandma’s have been making bone broth forever… so why the recent hype? Ama’s  to Ya-ya’s around the world: Smile with validation that your lost knowledge may just be returning.

That wonderful liquid obtained from boiling bones in water; any bones from chicken, turkey, beef, fish…. is delicious on its own, makes a wonderful and nutritious base for soups and stews, and your holistic doctor may even recommend it to heal achy, arthritic joints and reduce inflammation in your lungs and digestive tract.

Beyond ‘Good for the Soul’: Bone Broth Superfood Nutrition