Picture your ideal visit with your doctor: You are able to get an appointment when you need it; walk into the waiting room and are greeted by someone who knows you; your Doctor is ready to see you—on time—and explains his findings carefully and in words you can understand. Your visit isn’t excessively long, yet you have your doctor’s full attention and don’t feel rushed. You feel confident you can follow your doctor’s recommendations—that they’ve been explained including any possible side effects—and best of all, they are safe and they work!
we help keep Albuquerque families healthy with our unique blend of traditional and alternative medicine

Do you have such a satisfying, fruitful relationship with your healthcare provider?

With ever-increasing pressure from insurance plans to control costs, most likely your experience is very different. You are probably going to a very large clinic owned by a big corporation. The doctor you saw last time doesn’t have availability for weeks but his associate, who you have never seen, has an appointment in 10 days.

You’re sick, you take the quicker appointment with a Doctor you’ve never met.

In a waiting room full of very ill people you are greeted by someone who has no idea who you are but they do know your patient number and insurance plan. After waiting thirty minutes or longer, you are taken to an exam room where you may wait even longer. Finally, your provider of the day comes in and greets you, computer in hand, and begins his evaluation. In something under 7 minutes (the current average face-to-face time with your physician) you are given a prescription or asked to do a battery of tests to determine a diagnosis or told to “lose weight” (as if you haven’t tried).

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time with your doctor getting personalized care than the time spent in the waiting room—and specifically the one who knows you?

Wouldn’t it also be nice to learn options to prevent these health issues in the first place? To be given options that you can take to help yourself stay healthy?

At Hands On Health Care we are passionate about providing personalized service that is all about you.

Hands On Health Care creates generations of healthy people

We have a small, patient friendly office which many of our patients say feels like home.

We can manage your sick care and medical needs.

We also work in partnership with you to help you achieve a high level of wellness by offering services not commonly found in a traditional doctor’s office; services focusing on health education, injury prevention, and disease prevention:

We work closely with each and every patient to provide a comprehensive preventive health care plan to help you attain and maintain maximum health and vitality.

How do we provide such personalized care and charge such affordable rates?

We have created an affordable Direct Pay system for our patients. By doing this, we’ve cut out the insurance and managed care middlemen who tell Doctors across the U.S. what can and cannot be done (reimbursed—after ever-increasing deductibles). We use all of our resources to take care of our patients rather than handling paperwork and insurance claims. And in many cases, the statement we give you can be submitted to your insurance carrier and covered if you’ve met your deductible.

Would you like to know more?

We offer a $79 New Patient exam so you can get to know us and we can design your safe, natural holistic health program. Just mention how you heard about us.

Call our office at 298 8020 and we will explain the details about how Direct Pay—Membership Discounts can work for you.

We’d love to introduce you to our unique office and start transforming your relationship with your health.