Making Sense of Food Allergies

I think I might be gluten sensitive. But I’ve been eating wheat bread and pastas all my life. Is this possible?” asks a recent client who needed to make sense of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I don’t know why I suddenly need all these manipulations to keep my back from aching; it didn’t use to be that way. Am I just getting older?” asks another.

Strictly speaking, food allergies and allergic reactions are a person’s immune system overreacting to the proteins in certain food. The allergic person can feel like they are getting a cold, can get a rash or start sneezing, have teary eyes, vomit or get stomach cramps or diarrhea, of for that matter, sometimes they retain water and experience a little swelling—or a lot as in the life threatening anaphylactic response.

Eight kinds of food cause most food allergies:

milk allergy

Cow’s milk Wheat Soy
Eggs Peanuts Tree nuts
Shellfish Fish

But underneath these allergies is another problem—finding it is the key.

As we watch our child, or ourselves, feel horrible and not thrive. The mystery to how we feel is baffling at best.

The most common words are: “I’ve eaten that all my life.