The Garden in Your Gut (and skin, and…)

All the bacteria living inside you would fill a half-gallon jug; over 100 trillion organisms: bacteria, viruses, and fungi, live on and within in our bodies with the number of bacteria vastly outnumbering other types of residents.

Since the 1970’s, researchers estimated we have 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells in our body. While new data shows it may be closer to 1:1, if we’re half bacteria, it is only natural to expect a major role for them in how our bodies work.

Surely there is some reason for this.

Chronic pain, inflammation and health problems: The new approach

Consider this scenario: A bout with “food poisoning” that lead to swollen lymph nodes and then a diagnosis of strep throat. The antibiotics made the symptoms worse. Next referred to an internist for pain/inflammation, he declared the problem mental, not physical. The internist referred her to a psychiatrist who said she was mentally healthy who referred her back to an MD who—despite her nearly passing out in the waiting room with blood pressure of 70/50—said “everything’s normal, why do you keep coming back here?” Meanwhile, others became frustrated and labelled her “lazy and selfish” or “needing coddling.”

This is the famous author Laura Hillenbrand who documented and published the best-selling novel Seabiscuit: An American Legend—now a major motion picture. Hardly lazy; definitely in need of holistic health care.

Where did western medicine go wrong?

She didn’t fit the model:

anti-inflammatory food pyramid

Our First (annual) Clean Eating Recipalooza! (and birthday bash :)

What is Clean Eating? It’s about eating more foods that honor your nutrient needs and less of the products that stress your body or the environment. That means embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins and healthy fats.

What does that mean? What’s there to eat?

Let’s find out as we celebrate Phyllis Childers, RN’s birthday.


  1. Bring a dish and copies of your recipe to share.
  2. Anything goes as long as you leave out all sweeteners, grains, and dairy.
controlling cravings

Controlling Cravings

Just can’t say no to chocolate or pizza? Craving pasta or bread?

join Phyllis Childers, RN and learn:

  • why we crave certain foods and how to overcome it
  • tricks & tips to stay in control, on track, and even manage emotions
  • stay satisfied without adding pounds, belly fat, blood sugar spikes and dips…

After every presentation all new guests are invited to receive a FREE no obligations consult.

It’s ALL about YOU

end emotional eating

If food is the enemy, how can you enjoy it?

Are you challenged by overeating, binge eating, unhappy body image, excess weight, and/or conflicted by feeling deprived? Do you self-sabotage with toxic self-talk?

  • count calories (too much food—food is the enemy)
  • shun fat (fat in food will become fat on my body)
  • skip meals (my appetite is the enemy)
  • or set unrealistic expectations (as soon as I have the perfect body, I’ll finally be happy) or…

What we eat affects how we feel—how we feel affects our enjoyment of what we eat. Food should make us feel good, should taste great, and must nourish our bodies. But far too often our relationship with food gets in the way of healthy eating.

Join Phyllis Childers CHC RN for an evening of discussion on emotional eating.