Managing migraines: natural remedies

Severe and painful (in fact the official migraine diagnostic criteria requires that they be severe) migraine-sufferers spend nearly $2500 out of pocket (after any insurance reimbursements) to manage migraine pain.

Those of us diagnosed with migraines never forget the first time we have one:

A bizarre “aura” phase is usually the first clue. Visual disturbances like double vision and other changes in perception, language changes in some people, hearing problems, reduced consciousness… for up to an hour.

And then the vice grip on the head tightens, the debilitating, crippling headache starts, ouch… and more ouch.

“The headaches I used to have are a thing of the past, giving me the opportunity to work and improve my health in other areas.” —BM

The Power of Inner Freedom

The universe we live in has abundant, endless, creative possibilities. Whatever you desire, you can have.

With one little secret:

You also have to be free *not* to have it.

In other words, you can only have it to the degree that you’re also free not to have it.

If you want to be more thin, don’t focus on being heavy. If you want to be successful as a parent, don’t focus on any failures.

Why? Because we get what we resist.

Do we vote for freedom or a certain principal? Rarely. We usually vote against something we don’t want: We vote against taxes, against exorbitant health insurance costs, we’d vote against being too fat if we could.

Do you have team meetings at work? There’s always that person who brings up what they don’t want—or why something can’t work—or all the potential customers who didn’t… it’s really just one customer actually…

And we’re missing the point. We need to focus on what we want—on creating success. Why?