get some sleep - we can help

Why can’t I sleep?

In part, it’s because we don’t really know why we need to sleep in the first place. But 1 in 5 of us have sleep problems, poor sleep leads to accidents and even obesity, so it must be important. We miss it if we don’t have it—try to resist it and it conquers us anyway—and 7-9 hours later, we get up again.

Can’t get to sleep (or back to sleep)… ? join Dr. Ed Childers, DO for tips and help on catching zzz’s

end emotional eating

If food is the enemy, how can you enjoy it?

Are you challenged by overeating, binge eating, unhappy body image, excess weight, and/or conflicted by feeling deprived? Do you self-sabotage with toxic self-talk?

  • count calories (too much food—food is the enemy)
  • shun fat (fat in food will become fat on my body)
  • skip meals (my appetite is the enemy)
  • or set unrealistic expectations (as soon as I have the perfect body, I’ll finally be happy) or…

What we eat affects how we feel—how we feel affects our enjoyment of what we eat. Food should make us feel good, should taste great, and must nourish our bodies. But far too often our relationship with food gets in the way of healthy eating.

Join Phyllis Childers CHC RN for an evening of discussion on emotional eating.

Ending stress with HeartMath

Between 60-80% of all doctor visits are stress related.

But few doctors are taught how to help with stress management.

Yet stress affects the entire body and may be underneath symptoms from headaches to strokes to weight gain.

Join Dr. Childers at this FREE talk. Learn to reduce stress, bounce back more easily, identify and neutralize unwanted emotions and release disturbed feelings. These are draining your energy. When you learn how to control them you can lower your blood pressure, improve focus and concentration, manage pain, sleep, even end emotional eating.

We can control how we respond to stress.