Chronic pain, inflammation and health problems: The new approach

Consider this scenario: A bout with “food poisoning” that lead to swollen lymph nodes and then a diagnosis of strep throat. The antibiotics made the symptoms worse. Next referred to an internist for pain/inflammation, he declared the problem mental, not physical. The internist referred her to a psychiatrist who said she was mentally healthy who referred her back to an MD who—despite her nearly passing out in the waiting room with blood pressure of 70/50—said “everything’s normal, why do you keep coming back here?” Meanwhile, others became frustrated and labelled her “lazy and selfish” or “needing coddling.”

This is the famous author Laura Hillenbrand who documented and published the best-selling novel Seabiscuit: An American Legend—now a major motion picture. Hardly lazy; definitely in need of holistic health care.

Where did western medicine go wrong?

She didn’t fit the model:

Repairing injuries with PRP

Considering joint surgery or know someone who is? Before you sign on to expensive surgeries and lengthy recovery times, join my talk.

I didn’t think that my first experience with a new and cutting edge medical technology, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, would be as personal as it turned out to be—my own shoulder injury. My trusted orthopedic surgeon explained the “necessary” surgery, the long and painful physical therapy, and the many months of not being able to provide Osteopathic care to my wonderful patients. Yikes! As I couldn’t lift or use my arm, I had to something.

Luckily, another a colleague uses PRP in his practice. After a short series of non-surgical office procedures, I have full range of motion and am able to perform all of my usual work, and play, and all without pain or restrictions.

Hear more about my own personal experience and this extremely economical and effective regenerative therapy. Then let’s talk. Let’s see whether this therapy would be appropriate for you.