The Power of Inner Freedom

The universe we live in has abundant, endless, creative possibilities. Whatever you desire, you can have.

With one little secret:

You also have to be free *not* to have it.

In other words, you can only have it to the degree that you’re also free not to have it.

If you want to be more thin, don’t focus on being heavy. If you want to be successful as a parent, don’t focus on any failures.

Why? Because we get what we resist.

Do we vote for freedom or a certain principal? Rarely. We usually vote against something we don’t want: We vote against taxes, against exorbitant health insurance costs, we’d vote against being too fat if we could.

Do you have team meetings at work? There’s always that person who brings up what they don’t want—or why something can’t work—or all the potential customers who didn’t… it’s really just one customer actually…

And we’re missing the point. We need to focus on what we want—on creating success. Why?

Powerful tools for osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis: the leading musculoskeletal cause of disability in the Western society. Years and a lifetime of ignored low-level chronic inflammation catch up to us as we age—our joints wear down, it becomes painful to do what we love…

Cartilage—a firm, flexible tissue that cushions bones at joints. Cartilage lets bones glide over one another while absorbing energy from the movement.

When cartilage breaks down and wears away, the bones rub together causing pain, swelling, and stiffness.

In pain, we are driven to seek help. Pain makes it impossible to have a high quality of life, play with our children or grandchildren, enjoy the things we used to do easily. And if only that pain can go away we can have the life we want back.

anti-inflammatory food pyramid

Our First (annual) Clean Eating Recipalooza! (and birthday bash :)

What is Clean Eating? It’s about eating more foods that honor your nutrient needs and less of the products that stress your body or the environment. That means embracing whole foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins and healthy fats.

What does that mean? What’s there to eat?

Let’s find out as we celebrate Phyllis Childers, RN’s birthday.


  1. Bring a dish and copies of your recipe to share.
  2. Anything goes as long as you leave out all sweeteners, grains, and dairy.
controlling cravings

Controlling Cravings

Just can’t say no to chocolate or pizza? Craving pasta or bread?

join Phyllis Childers, RN and learn:

  • why we crave certain foods and how to overcome it
  • tricks & tips to stay in control, on track, and even manage emotions
  • stay satisfied without adding pounds, belly fat, blood sugar spikes and dips…

After every presentation all new guests are invited to receive a FREE no obligations consult.

It’s ALL about YOU

end emotional eating

If food is the enemy, how can you enjoy it?

Are you challenged by overeating, binge eating, unhappy body image, excess weight, and/or conflicted by feeling deprived? Do you self-sabotage with toxic self-talk?

  • count calories (too much food—food is the enemy)
  • shun fat (fat in food will become fat on my body)
  • skip meals (my appetite is the enemy)
  • or set unrealistic expectations (as soon as I have the perfect body, I’ll finally be happy) or…

What we eat affects how we feel—how we feel affects our enjoyment of what we eat. Food should make us feel good, should taste great, and must nourish our bodies. But far too often our relationship with food gets in the way of healthy eating.

Join Phyllis Childers CHC RN for an evening of discussion on emotional eating.

anti-inflammatory food pyramid

Starting an anti-inflammatory diet

Your body is stressed!

Eating anti-inflammatory foods—and avoiding inflammatory ones—can…

  • make weight loss easier…
  • avoid early aging…
  • give you much more energy…
  • handle your joint aches… digestive discomforts… skin rashes… and more.

But we all seem to “fall off the wagon” and for many that means never “getting on the horse!”

Join Phyllis’ talk and learn how to make healthy choices fun even when every message within the body is screaming out to eat more sugar, more “treats” and more grains in order to maintain the inflammatory response the body is used to having.

Bring your friends: at every talk, we offer FREE handouts and demonstrations

Gut Check: Is the “war on germs” what’s wrong with me?

Imagine if just one organ in your body affected your health, your weight, and even your behavior—wouldn’t you want to know more about it?

And just imagine if damage to this organ contributed to chronic health problems like obesity, thyroid conditions, allergic disorders, and diabetes—wouldn’t you want to keep it healthy?

There is such an organ. Believe it or not it’s the collection of microbes in and on your body that outnumber your own cells possibly by as much as 10:1—your human microbiome.

Providing us with vitamins and energy sources we can’t make on our own, anti-inflammatories that send healing signals to our brain, and perhaps even more powerfully helping us fend off the “bad” bacteria (and yeast, and viruses, and parasites…), we really can’t live without these helpful friends even though we’ve been conditioned to reach for that hand sanitizer and antibiotic at every sniffle.

Join Phyllis Childers, RN and get a better understanding of your very own complex ecosystem plus steps to restore gut health and heal symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, acne, eczema, colds, infections, joint and muscle pain, and more…

Inflammation: at the core of heart disease

Don’t settle for “the inevitable.”

Knowledge is Power – take charge of your heart health. Any and all of your unwanted symptoms reflect imbalances, injury, your body stuck on trying to heal.

heart disease - healthy heartThere are only two options:

  1. A lifetime of medications to correct high blood pressure, blood sugar imbalances, dysfunctional thyroid and/or adrenal glands… or…
  2. Well-designed, evidence-based guidance that corrects underlying imbalances, calms inflammation, and helps you make important, non-fad, lifestyle changes.

Redness, swelling, pain, fever… traditionally, we define inflammation as the main response the body invokes to deal with injuries or infection. The next stage, healing and repairing, does not start until the “clean-up crew” is done. This communication is a series of orchestrated signals, hormones and other chemicals released from platelets and white blood cells, by your liver and fat cells…

…that’s right: adipose—your fat organ—releases hormones.1

woman weight control obesity

Stably Lose Weight by Eating More: 7 Weight Loss Principles

Weight loss fiction #1: Don’t eat more calories than you burn.

Although cutting calories has been a weight-loss mantra for decades, along with “willpower” and “low fat,” NONE are right!

Why? Skipping meals, or reducing calories actually creates an “energy slump.” In order to conserve the few calories coming in, the body slows its metabolism—it burns fewer calories; you feel tired. Denied true food, your body goes into panic, cravings, and then starvation mode.

In a sense, the body further resets its “fatostat” to conserve energy. Because you’ve probably trained your body to live on carbs, it already cannot access and burn the stored energy (fat); your fatostat is already set on “conserve.”

And when you return to a “correct amount” of calories, your body doesn’t increase its energy burn; instead it stores fat expecting a future “famine.”

Weight loss fiction #2: Weight control can be solved with a crash diet.