We at Hands On Health Care are committed to assisting as many people as possible find their body’s unique perfect balance, gain maximum health and vitality, and enjoy their life and family to the fullest for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Ed Childers D.O.

Doctor of Osteopathy from Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1973

Phyllis Childers R.N.

Research Hospital School of Nursing in Kansas City, Missouri, 1969 Institute for Integrative Nutrition, 2014


Ed Childers DO began his medical career in 1966 as a hospital orderly in his home town of Anderson, Indiana, an experience that solidified his desire to become a physician. His goal to use holistic and natural healing methods came to pass when he graduated in 1973 as a Doctor of Osteopathy from Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine. He joined a Family Medicine practice in Toledo, Ohio, followed by a move to Albuquerque in 1976 to make a difference in people’s health as part of a group practice.

In 1978, Dr. Childers started his own Osteopathic Family Medicine practice in Albuquerque where, for 13 years, he helped thousands of people regain health and well being. As the health insurance model changed to embrace large HMO organizations, in 1991 Dr. Childers joined a large HMO. However, after ten years of increasing HMO pressure to see more patients by spending less time understanding their individual needs, he left that care model in 2001 to create the thriving and personally satisfying practice, Hands On Health Care PC, with his partner and wife Phyllis Childers, RN.

Through Hands On Health Care, Dr. Childers embraces the philosophy of Osteopathy which was established in the late 19th century by Dr Andrew Taylor Still and best summarized by this quote: “We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.” —AT Still, Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy.

Treatment of the ‘whole person,’ the basic philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine, means understanding all body parts and all bodily function as one holistic, integrated unit. When one body part becomes restricted by stress or injury, other systems also become injured leading to illness. Health is the result of the normal condition; the normal alignment; the perfect harmony of physiology. Dr Childers uses the tools of Osteopathic therapy and guided lifestyle changes to restore balance and bring about greater health and vitality.

Phyllis Childers RN, received her nursing diploma from Research Hospital School of Nursing in Kansas City, Missouri, class of 1969. She shares the Osteopathic philosophy that promotes whole person health and vitality. Her passion for natural healing stems from her own healing journey using whole food nutrition and lifestyle changes. Phyllis completed training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

As a holistic health coach, Phyllis helps clients accomplish their health goals through teaching, healthy habit building and support in a way that is empowering and exciting. Phyllis also has advanced training in craniosacral therapy as well as training in the use of essential oils for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Holistic health is individual; Phyllis creates doable, step-by-step plans based on each client’s unique needs, preferences and lifestyle utilizing her unique combination of healing tools.






I go to Hands on Health Care for all of my health and wellness needs.  Dr. Childers is an amazing Osteopath who keeps me put together despite numerous inflammatory health problems.  Whether it’s an adjustment, cranio sacral, medical acupuncture or bio puncture (yes I do it all), I can attest to the top quality of his medical care and his compassionate caring for his patients.  I love it that not only does he have medical training, he stays up on the latest natural therapies.  I enjoy my visits very much; I enjoy their sense of humor, their intelligent chats and spot on advice.

I also signed up to do nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching with his brilliant wife Phyllis.  I have stably lost 10 pounds in two months.  I don’t have much to lose but metabolism got stuck and nothing was working. Finally it is coming off.  The bonus of adhering as best I can to her program is that my cholesterol is under 200 without medications!  I am ecstatic!  Phyllis has been great in helping me adjust to my new status of retired teacher.

I highly recommend Hands on Health Care for all of your health needs.  You won’t be disappointed.  Bravo!  ─Roni, age 62